The Revenue Analyzer is designed to help you determine how the financial health of your practice compares to common standards in medical billing. The purpose of this tool is to identify areas of opportunity which may increase your bottom line to improve cash flow.

You will need the following information from your practice management billing system:

  1. End of month reports which include total charges, adjustments & receipts
  2. Accounts Receivable report which provides your Total A/R
  3. Patient A/R
  4. Insurance A/R with aging breakdown

Total Monthly Charges

Total Monthly Adjustments

Total Monthly Receipts

Total A/R

Total Insurance A/R

Insurance A/R 0-30 Days

Insurance A/R 31-60 Days

Insurance A/R 61-90 Days

Insurance A/R 91-120 Days

Insurance A/R 120+ Days

Patient A/R