Common Insurance Billing Mistakes

By Shannon Strange | February 12, 2018

Most medical practice revenue is received by submitting “clean” claims successfully for insurance processing. Any mistake can cost you and your practice money. It is critical for a practices cash flow to minimize/eliminate those errors prior to submitting medical claims. Let’s explore some common errors and how to avoid them: Front Desk Mistakes Verifying Insurance…

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Physician Lesson # 3-“Reducing Patient No-Shows”

By Guy Louthian | January 3, 2018

You will always have patients that simply don’t show up for appointments for a variety of reasons.  What I hope to do is show you how to calculate the cost of no-shows and give you suggestions to reduce them. No-shows include same day cancellations, as they both result in no revenue.   A no-show is…

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Benefits to Outsourcing Medical Billing

By Shannon Strange | November 14, 2017

Have you been thinking about outsourcing your practices medical billing but do not know if it’s right for you? Medical Billing is a challenging job and making the decision to outsource your billing can be difficult. Many providers make the choice to outsource their medical billing to professional medical billing companies to help alleviate the…

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Physician Lesson # 2 : “Charge Adjustments-They Could Actually Be Cash”

By Guy Louthian | October 9, 2017

Every physician practice has adjustments. Understanding your practices adjustments is not only good business management, it could actually mean more money in your pocket. Every charge a practice generates turns into either cash or adjustments. I don’t have to tell you that cash is better than adjustments. Every practice should know their average adjustment percentage.…

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